Editing the Draft Agenda

How to edit your agenda while in the draft stage

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NOTE: Only certain roles in BoardPro can edit an agenda. To learn more visit the Roles and Permissions page.

From the Meetings Details page -click on the blue Edit Agenda button.

This opens the agenda where you can add, edit, move and delete any agenda items and headers to suit your meeting. You can also upload or delete any documents. 

Things to note: 

  • You can make as many changes as you need to the agenda.

  • The first and last section headers can be re-labelled but not deleted

  • The last section cannot be moved around

  • If you move a section up or down, all the agenda items under it move as well

  • If you delete a section, you have an option with attached agenda items to move them to another section or to delete them.

  • you can move individual agenda items by dragging and dropping them

  • you can delete individual agenda items

  • If you have built an agenda and cloned the wrong meeting, you can Rebuild the Agenda as long as it is in the Draft Agenda stage.

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