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Draft Agenda
Building an agendaHow to build an agenda
Clone/Copy an AgendaSave time by cloning the agenda of a previous meeting
The AgendaAn overview of BoardPro's Agenda Page
Agenda ItemsAn overview of a BoardPro Agenda Item
Adding an Agenda ItemHow to add an agenda item to a meeting
Add Presenters to an Agenda ItemHow to add presenters to an Agenda Item
Adding a Guest as a PresenterHow to add a guest to an agenda item as a presenter
Adding a SectionHow to add a section to your agenda
Adding an external link to the AgendaHow to add external links to your Agenda
Adding in breaks/lunch to an agendaHow to add in breaks or lunch to an agenda.
Adding time to an Agenda ItemHow to add or edit time for a specific agenda item
Appendices in the AgendaHow to use the governance documents to link additional reading/ appendixes for Board packs
Attach documents to the agendaHow to upload documents to the agenda from your computer
Attach a Governance Document to an AgendaHow to copy a Governance Document to an Agenda Item
Can I delete an Agenda?Is it possible to delete an Agenda and start over?
Delete an Agenda DocumentHow to delete a document from an agenda item
Deleting an Agenda SectionHow to delete an agenda section
Edit an Agenda Item titleWhere to write the title for an agenda item
Editing the Draft AgendaHow to edit your agenda while in the draft stage
Emailing the Draft Agenda for collaborationHow to collaborate on the draft agenda prior to publishing
Multi-day MeetingsHow to set an agenda over multiple days
Official notice of the Meeting and the AgendaHow to email an official notice from BoardPro
Rebuild Draft AgendaHow to rebuild a Draft Agenda in BoardPro
Removing time from an Agenda ItemHow to remove the appointed time from an agenda item.
Selecting Minutes to be ConfirmedHow to select previous minutes to be confirmed during the agenda stage
Setting the date for the next meetingHow do I set the date of the next meeting in BoardPro?