When you have finished creating an Agenda and it has been published, it is time to email out the official notice.

  • After publishing the agenda a pop-up box offers the option to review or email the Board Pack -which does include the agenda. However, if you are not ready you can choose either x out of the box or click on close.

Instead of emailing out the notice that the Board Pack is ready you can instead email out the Official Notice of the Meeting and Agenda.

  • Click on the Agenda sub-menu at the top of the agenda page.

  1. Choose whom you send out the email too. If a person in your organisation does not have login ability, their status showing Invitation Pending or No Access, there will be an asterisk next to their name denoting that * This person does not have access and cannot receive the email. A person who has the access level of Executive/Guest cannot have an email sent to them.

  2. Personalize your greeting. Default greeting is "Hi" but now you can type in your own greeting and choose whether you add a first name, last name, both or none at the top of the email. 

  3. Add any additional comments in the comment box.

Need to make changes and republish your Agenda?
No worries, you can always resend the email after republishing your agenda. Just follow the same steps.

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