Selecting Minutes to be Confirmed

How to select previous minutes to be confirmed during the agenda stage

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BoardPro's smart agenda item "Confirm Minutes" makes it easy to include Minutes from previous meetings for confirmation. 

When drafting the Agenda, click on the Confirm Minutes agenda item: 

  • Simply select from the list of "Available Minutes"  

  • The Minutes you have selected will appear under "Minutes to be Confirmed" and will be automatically included in the Boardpack

  • If you need to postpone the selected minutes but they appear on the list to be confirmed: you can return the minutes to the list by clicking on the context menu and then remove

If your list of Available Minutes is empty, or missing a specific meeting, here is what to do about it: 

  1. Ensure the source meeting is in the Minutes in Review stage.  If it says Draft Minutes, click on Finish Draft Minutes 

  2. If that meeting is already in Minutes in Review, check that it is NOT already scheduled to be confirmed at another meeting.  

To check that, on the Meeting page it will either show the date it is scheduled to be confirmed on:

or a button to set the confirming meeting.

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