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Clone/Copy an Agenda

Save time by cloning the agenda of a previous meeting

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Most board agendas have a similar structure and format for each meeting.  Once the agenda structure is set up in BoardPro for one meeting, you can simply clone (copy) that agenda when building the agenda for future meeting.

From the Meeting Detail page on the top right click on Build Agenda 

Select "Clone another Agenda" option. 

Select a meeting to clone by either:

  1. Typing in a key word (Example February or AGM) or

  2. Use the scroll bar to look through the list

At this time you can also choose to tick clone the attendees
NOTE: Cloning Attendees will replace your current meeting attendees) or leave un-ticked to keep current attendees.

What is cloned:

  1. The agenda sections

  2. The agenda items in each section

  3. The presenter, description and time allocated to each agenda item

What is not cloned:

  1. Anything on the Meeting Details card: Title, location, start time, attendees

  2. Attached documents

  3. Anything on the Closing Meeting card

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