Agenda Items

An overview of a BoardPro Agenda Item

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Agenda Items

The agenda items are the heart of the agenda - what needs to be discussed in the meeting. You can add, edit, move around and delete agenda items to what suits YOUR agenda.

The agenda items in the menu look initially like this:

You can see the title and its order in the meeting and when you hover, on the agenda item you will see a grip area on the left, if you want to drag and drop it around the agenda.

  • A context menu on the top right provides a number of options 

However, if you assign a presenter to an agenda item, and allocate time to that item, and attach agenda item documents to it, the card will reflect these for you. 

Agenda Item Detail

When you select an agenda item, it turns light blue and loads the details of that item on the right side, of the Agenda item card. 

The agenda item gives you the flexibility to add as much or little as is required to prepare the board members to actively engage in the discussion.

  1. Title:  This is the only required field. It should be informative

  2. Purpose: Let the board members know why this is being raised, and any expected outcomes - such as a decision to be agreed upon. 

  3. Presenter: Optional field. Several customers have requested the ability to have several presenters - if your board requires that please go here to the Ideas Portal and vote for that idea

  4. Time Allocated: If you prefer to allocate a certain amount of time to a topic use this field. It helps others know how significant a discussion may be and helps to ensure that the correct amount of time is being spent on the most critical items. Note: In BoardPro this works best if applied to all agenda items, and if applied to all will automatically calculate the expected close time of the meeting.

  5. Supporting Documents: Attach any specific documents relating to this agenda item. You can upload them in their native format, or convert them to PDF and upload that. Learn more about documents in BoardPro on our Documents FAQ page.

Documents attached to the agenda are merged into a single board pack file.

Agenda Preview

If you want a high-level view of how the agenda looks, click on the Preview button at the top of the Agenda page. 

Agenda PDF

At the top of the Meeting Details page is the Agenda menu. Click on the down arrow to open the agenda, preview and download your agenda as a PDF. You can also republish the agenda, email it out to board members and view the change log under this menu.
Note: Board Members can only see under Agenda: Open Preview and Download.

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