Overview of the Agenda page

The page consists of two columns: the Agenda and the Agenda item detail.

The Agenda, on the left, consists of:

  1.  "Section headers"

  2.  "Agenda items" 

You can add, edit, move and delete the agenda items and the headers to suit your meeting.  

Agenda Headers

Headers are a way of sectioning your agenda into logical groups.  You can edit the sections, remove them, or add new ones.  

Change/edit the name of the header simply by clicking on it.  

Use the context menu (three bars) to move the sections up or down, delete the section or add a new item. 

At the bottom of the agenda item are:

  1. Add a new agenda item -adds a new item to the Section you are in. 

  2. New Section -The new section will appear directly below, ready to be edited and have agenda items added to it. 

There is no limit on the amount of sections or agenda items that can be added to the agenda.

Notes on Agenda Headers:

  • The first and last section headers can be re-labeled

  • the last section cannot be moved

  • If you move a section up or down, all the agenda items under it move as well

  • If you delete a section, a pop up box opens asking if you wish to delete any agenda items or documents associated with that section or move them to another.

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