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An overview of BoardPro's Agenda Page

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The agenda can be created and edited by Admins, Board Secretaries, Chairs and Senior Executive access levels within BoardPro.

The page consists of the Agenda (on the left) and the Agenda item detail (on the right).

The Agenda column, on the left, consists of:

  1.  "Sections"

  2.  "Agenda items" 

There is no limit on the number of sections or agenda items that can be added to the agenda.

Sections are a way of dividing your agenda into logical groups.

Each "section header" can be edited to change the name, resequence them or remove them from the agenda to suit your meeting.

  • Click on +Section to add more

  • Use the context menu (3 dots) to Change/edit the name, move the sections up or down, or delete the section.

Things to note with sections:

  • The first and last section headers can be re-labelled but cannot be deleted.

  • The last section cannot be moved as it ties into other areas in BoardPro

Agenda Items can be added at any time by clicking +Agenda and will appear in the section that you are currently working in

  • The agenda item that is currently open (and displayed on the right) is coloured a light blue.

  • Use the context menu (3 dots) to edit the title, move the agenda item up or down, add a new agenda item directly below the current one or delete it

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