When you remove someone from your organisation it will:

  1. Remove their ability to log into this BoardPro account

  2. Remove them from your People List

  3. Remove them as a Meeting Attendee from future meetings

  4. Enter a close date on any Interests associated with this person

  5. Does NOT remove any historic records, such as meeting attendance and Action Items.

  6. Action Items must be manually reassigned

To remove someone's access from your BoardPro account, from the the People List. 

  • click on the 3 dots at the end of their name and select Remove.

A pop up box will open asking you to confirm you wish to Remove Access. 

Note: as an added security measure you must type "Remove" before clicking the red button as this action cannot be reversed.

Once you have clicked Remove a box will open confirming that removal has been completed and what changes has been done.

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