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IE11 is just too old to work with BoardPro - but changing is simple

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You have arrived at this page either because you tried to open BoardPro with Internet Explorer 11 or you clicked in a BoardPro email. 

To fix this: 

You will need to change the "default browser" on your computer.  It is quite simple to do:

  1. Install either Chrome, Firefox or Edge.   

  2. Once you have that browser installed, set it as the default browser

Windows 10 - How to set your default browser: 

Click on Start -> Settings -> Apps
Click on Default Apps, and then Web Browser (it's at the bottom)
Select your new browser.  

Windows 7 or 8 - How to set your default browser: 

Click on Start -> Control Panel 

Click on Default Programs, and then Set your default programs

In the list find the browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox) and set as default


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