Formatting Tables

How to format a table within an Agenda or Minutes

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If you have added a table and would like to improve on the bare bones defaults, here is what you can do: 

Format the Text in a cell

Click in the "cell" and then select the tool you need from the toolbar: 

A. Insert -Add Special Characters, Dates, Emojis, Links 

B. Format (Style), (Bold, Italics, Underlined etc.), Text Colour and Text Background Colour and Alginment.  Note: the tool bar is also available to format specific text/blocks

Vertical Alignment

To change the vertical alignment, click in the cell you want to change, and then Format. Click on Align and make your selection.

Finally you can then adjust the size of the table boxes by hovering over the line divider and extending or reducing the size of the box.

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