My Board Member is Resigning
What to do when a person resigns from your organisation
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While may be a variety of reasons for a person to resign from or leave your organisation, there is not just one correct resignation process to follow. Often you may need to tailor your approach to your specific circumstances.

In BoardPro you can do the following steps.

Revoke Access -This will stop them from signing into your organisation however their name remains on your people list and will still appear as an Attendee on any open meetings.
We recommend this step until all past minutes that they participated in as an Attendee have been confirmed.

Remove Access -once this is done the person is removed completely from your organisation's People List. This step is final and cannot be reversed.
Removing Access also:

  1. Removes them as a Meeting Attendee from future meetings

  2. Enters a close date on any Interests associated with this person

  3. Does NOT remove any historic records, such as meeting attendance and Action  Items (Action Items will need to be reassigned or closed manually)

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