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The Board Pack in BoardPro Notes iOS App
The Board Pack in BoardPro Notes iOS App

An overview of the BoardPro Notes App

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When you first log in and open the App you will see a list of all your meetings including which organisation or committee, the date and title, and how many pages are in this specific board pack.

Tap on the meeting to open. When the meeting opens you will notice:

  1. Tool bar (including Annotation tools, Settings, Key-word search, List of annotations, Find a page and Find previous versions)

  2. Thumbnails of all your documents

  3. Exit to return to the Meeting Lists

To open the next document you can either:

  • Swipe to the right or click on the document thumbnails below.

  • On the Index Page and on the Agenda tap directly onto the document to open

When a document is open on the top right you will see which Agenda Item and number this belongs to and tapping on it will return you to the Agenda

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