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Navigating the menu in BoardPro Notes in iOS App
Navigating the menu in BoardPro Notes in iOS App

What do the icons mean on the BoardPro Notes menu iOS

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When you open a meeting in BoardPro Notes you will see a menu bar at the top of the screen.

The menu bar includes:

1. Annotations -tap on the pencil icon to open an annotation sub-menu

2. Page settings -change the settings to view the page in a style that suits you

3. Search function 

-search the whole board pack for a key word (text will be highlighted showing how many matches and listing which page the word is found on

4. Annotation Library

-lists all annotations and where they can be found in the board pack. Tap on an annotation/note and it will open directly onto the document

5. Find a page -numbering in the board pack matches between the app, the browser version and hard copies so that everyone on your board is literally on the same page

Tab on the page you want to directly open onto it. 

6. Find previous versions of the Board Pack for review Note: you cannot continue to annotate on previous versions. All annotations will carry over to the most recent version

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