hen you open a meeting in BoardPro Notes and click on a document to read a menu bar will appear at the top of the document.

The menu bar includes:

  1. Annotations -click on the pencil icon to open an annotation sub-menu

2. Page settings -you can change the settings to view the page in a style that suits you

3. Search function 

-search the open document for a key word (text will be highlighted showing how many matches and listing which page the word is found on

4. Annotation Library

-lists all annotations (if any) and where they can be found on the document

5. Thumbnail overview -see the pages of a specific document (with or without annotation). Click on the page you want to directly open onto it. 

6. Context Menu (3 dots) -use the sub-menu to mark document as read, read previous versions (if any), return to the Board Pack or the Meetings page.

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