When you log into BoardPro Notes it logs onto the Meetings Page. On this page you will find the list of meetings, that have published agendas, for all organisations you have login access to.

For each tab you will see:

  1. The date of the meeting

  2. The name of the organisation/committee

  3. The title for the meeting

  4. Number of pages in the Board Pack

To open the board pack click on the Meeting Tab where you will be able to read documents and make annotations.

Troubleshooting tips for if you cannot see your meeting:

  1. Check to see if the meeting is in the Draft Agenda stage -you will not be able to review any documents until the Board Pack has been published

  2. Do you have access to this organisation/committee? If not speak to the Administrator

  3. Organisations/Committees that have purchased the Essentials Plan will not be listed as they do not have this feature. BoardPro Notes is only available to those who have purchased the Premium or Ultimate Plans. Speak with your Administrator or Chair if unsure which plan you are on.

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