The board pack is all the documents of a meeting merged into a single document. Learn how to do this, tricks, tips and FAQs

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Board members typically like to receive all the documents for an upcoming meeting all at once.  Often it comes in a printed format, couriered out at significant expense. 

Ideally, the board pack should be received at least 3 days before a meeting, so that they have time to read and prepare for the meeting - which means management need to have them ready about a week before the meeting.  And if there are last minute changes...

BoardPro's BoardPack feature solves those issues for you.  Now you can notify board members when the board pack is ready, and they can log in and download their own copy.

Generate the board pack

When the Draft Agenda is completed move it ahead by clicking on Publish Agenda. This will automatically build your board pack.

From here you can on to email out a notification to your board members that the board pack is available.

Last minute edits to the Agenda

When the inevitable last minute changes to the agenda come through - such as a new topic, new paper, or an update to the financials - you can simply click on the "Edit Agenda" button on the agenda page.  This will:

  1. Open the Agenda so that you can make any edits (deletions or additions)

  2. Prompt you to rebuild the board pack if you have made any additions, or changed items around within the agenda. Note: if you remove an item/delete BoardPro will automatically rebuild the board pack for you.

  3. Decide if you need to re-send out the BoardPack notice.

Spreadsheets and the BoardPack

Spreadsheets can be a bit tricky when converting to PDF's, because it is not always clear how the rows and columns and tabs will appear, so we have resolved this in BoardPro as follows:

  1. If the spreadsheet is to be read within the merged PDF board pack, convert it first to a PDF in it's native application (i.e. Excel).  This way the document owner (e.g. the Finance Manager or Sales Manager) can best control how this file will appear as a PDF.  The repeating rows, page width, blank tabs, etc.  

  2. If the spreadsheet is to be kept in it's native format (i.e. not to be converted to a PDF) then attach it to the agenda item as is.   The BoardPack index file will list it as one of papers for the meeting.  Further, if the board member clicks on the file name, they will be able to access that file directly out of BoardPro (once they have logged in).  

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