Updating an email address of someone with no login access

How to change an email address for someone who has not yet been invited.

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If you (Administrator, Board Secretary or Chair) need to update or change an email address for someone within your organisation who does not have login ability please follow these steps:

On the People Page, click on the context menu (3 dots) at the end of their name and select Edit.

In the pop up box that opens -scroll down to where it says Email Address and click on the pencil icon.

A new box opens where you can enter in the new email address and enter in the reason for the change. Then click the green Update Email button.

  • You can now choose to either send them a new invitation or invite them at a later date.

  • Changes made to the email address will be reflected in the People Change Log


If a person Can Login to BoardPro and needs to update their email address.

  1. You can change your email address yourself via My Settings under your name on the top right menu

  2. They or the administrator of their organisation can request for BoardPro to do it for them. Click on the blue chat icon in BoardPro to connect directly to a Customer Success team member.

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