By default documents in BoardPro can be downloaded and or printed, as this is useful for many board members who may prefer to have a physical copy of a document. However, an increasing number of boards now maintain a policy whereby the organisation maintains control over every copy of a board document.

  • The Document Download and Printing feature provides that level of control to organisations who need this.

Found in the Organisation Page under Settings.

Administrators, Board Secretaries and Chairs can enable or disable this function to switch off the ability to download and print.

NOTE: If turning this OFF, please be sure to notify everyone who may be affected.

You can not have only some documents disabled and others not same as with people you can not select who can or cannot print or download (except for Executive/Guest access level as they cannot view documents). It is all or nothing at this time.

Downloading and printing options are turned on, so people can download or print documents if they need to when the toggle is green in colour.

Downloading and printing options are turned off and documents in BoardPro can only be read only online if the switch is toggled to Disabled (gray colour)

Note: exceptions to this are Excel, Tableaux and other files types specifically uploaded for distribution via BoardPro. These are excluded from this setting and are always available for download.

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