Flying Minute Automation

How to set up BoardPro to automatically calculate your Flying Minute outcome

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Flying Minutes is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to see Flying Minutes

Chairs, Admins and Board Secretaries can edit the vote settings for Flying Minutes via the Organisation Page --> Quorum & Participation --> Flying Minutes


BoardPro automatically calculates the Participation number at 100%.

  • It is designed to comply with the Companies Act in AU and NZ, but depending upon the laws of your country or Board Constitution this could vary. Your voting participation and support may not need to be 100% so it is a good thing to check up on your constitution before you change the settings

  • this number can be edited, as required, by clicking on the number and using the arrows to change the number

  • Note: Abstentions are not counted.

Select the Outcome

  • Manually set each vote outcome or

  • Allow BoardPro to automatically calculate the vote for you based on the number of participating board members who support this motion. Again this number can be changed as required by clicking on the number.

REMINDER: If you choose to select the outcome of the vote manually, the result will not be seen nor will any approved Flying Minute be available to be added to the Minutes until you complete this step. Click on the Blue Set Outcome button and choose Approve or Not Approved.


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