Annotating is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to make annotations within BoardPro.

Who can see my Notes?
Your notes are private, and only visible to yourself.

Can I share my Notes?
No, not at this time. If you believe that would be beneficial for your board to have a Public / Shared comment feature, please vote for it here in the Ideas Portal: Public (or Shared) Comments in the Board Pack

How long can I view my Notes for?
Your notes are available until the Minutes of that meeting have been confirmed.

Are my Notes discoverable under law?
Yes, a court may order copies of the documents of your organisation be turned over during discovery in a litigation process, and this would include the notes taken on a board pack.

BoardPro helps mitigate this via the Organisation Notes/Annotation Destruction Policy. Further, you also have the ability to Delete your own Notes in BoardPro.

Can I delete my Notes?
Yes. There are two ways to delete your notes:

  1. To delete an individual note, select the note to be deleted and click on the Delete icon.

  2. To delete all your notes on an entire Board Pack, go to the Meeting page and click on the Board Pack sub-menu > Delete My Notes

Who can use BoardPro Notes?
BoardPro Notes is available for everyone on your organisation page with login ability except for those with Executive/Guest role.

Is there an additional cost to use this?
BoardPro Notes is included in the Premium and Ultimate Plans but is not available in the Essentials Plan.

What devices will it work on?
BoardPro Notes is available on all devices through the built in browser, but only the latest devices and operating systems will work. Please be sure your operating system and browser are up to date.

Is there an app?

Yes! For iOS users look for BoardPro Notes in the App Store. This is a free companion app that allows you to read and annotate the board pack from your iPhone or iPad.

Do my notes sync between the desktop version and the mobile app?

Yes, this is automatic

How can I access BoardPro Notes from my desktop?

There are multiple ways to open BoardPro Notes

From the Meeting List Page

  1. Click on the context menu of the meeting and select BoardPro Notes

  2. Click directly on Read the Board Pack

From the Meeting Details Page (page (click anywhere on the meeting card to open the meeting) then from this page click on Board Pack on the top right and select BoardPro Notes

My BoardPro Notes looks different. Why can't I see the thumbnails of documents?

If you are using a smaller screen, the layout is very different to that of a larger desktop. You will be able to access and see a complete list of all documents that have been added to the Board Pack.

  • click on the drop down menu located on the top left hand side. To move between documents select from this list.

Can I make BoardPro Notes full screen on my desktop?

Yes . Click on the screen expander on the top right of the screen

In full Screen

  • Click on the minimizer to close full screen mode

  • Use the magnifying glasses to make the document bigger or smaller

  • Same Annotation Tools

Note: you will need to close out of this screen to move to the next document

I am only seeing a big, coloured box when I annotate. What is happening?

This occurs when the background is the same colour as the highlighter or pen.

Before you start annotating check your colours to make sure they are not matching. To change the background click on the down arrow and select either to have a new colour or no colour

Or you can Remove or Change either of the colours. If you are working on a smaller screen the steps are similar just the layout is different. See: Adding Annotations to the Board Pack

My document is a lot of pages. Is it possible to see an overview of where I have annotated?

Yes. In BoardPro Notes for each document you can click on the Pencil next to the page number and select Annotations. This will provide you with a list of all notes/ annotations on that document.

  • Scroll through the list to find the note you are looking for and then click on that note/annotation to open up directly onto it and the page you are looking for.

There is a new version of the document that has been added to the Board Pack but I already made notes. Will I still be able to see these?

Yes. Click on Previous Versions at the bottom. Any previous versions of this document that you have annotated/made notes to -will be listed.

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