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Understanding what I can and cannot do.

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In BoardPro there are 6 different access levels which determine what you can and cannot do. Below is a quick summary.

  1. Administrator: Can Add/Edit Meetings, People, and Add Documents to meetings and the Governance Repository. They can also manage the Organisational Settings, Votes, Between Meetings, Actions and Interests (Note if the Admin is also a Board Member they can update Board Only Folders)

  2. Board Secretary: Full access and ability to do everything in BoardPro. Do not need to be a Board member to manage Board Only Folders

  3. Chair: As an Administrator, they can pretty much do everything. Note: to see and manage Board Only Folders they also need to be a Board Member

  4. Board Member Access Level: Mostly read-only. Are able to update their own actions/interests. If they are also an actual Board Member they can read Board Only folders and Vote.

  5. Senior Executive: Can also add/edit meetings, add documents and Manage Between Meetings however, they cannot Add People, Edit Actions or change organisational settings.

  6. Executive / Guest: Highly restricted. Appears on the agenda/minutes but has no document access across BoardPro. Is able to update their own Actions/Interests.


What determines a Board Member vs a Board Member access?

A Board Member in BoardPro is a person who has the Board Member box ticked. They can be of any access level except Executive Guest

I sit on multiple boards/committees. Can I have a different access level for each?


What is a good access level to give to an Auditor?

Most boards give that of a Board Member as it is read-only.

Can I change my own access level?

No. Only another Admin, Board Secretary or Chair can change your access level. We have published a Help article on How to change someone's role.

  • Level One Access Role (Administrators, Chairs and Board Secretaries) can update their Access Level but only to another "Level One" access

Can we set our own Access Roles/levels in BoardPro?

Not at this time, however, it is something that is being considered.

Is it possible to change a person's access level from meeting to meeting?


What if someone's actual position and title in the organisation doesn't fit the role title?
The role title is merely a descriptor of a common role - you can assign any role to anyone. So if, for example, your finance manager acts as a board secretary, assign them that role rather than the executive role, so that they can do what they need to in BoardPro.

Can there be more than one administrator?
Yes, you can have as many people set at that level as you wish.

We would like to request a change/new role - how do we do that?
Great question! There are a few ways you can do that.
1. Provide feedback below
2. Lodge a request at our Ideas Portal: http://ideas.boardpro.io/

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