Once you have published an agenda, they may be situations where you have to add a late document or a new one to the agenda which is usually a very benign task.

If Board Members have added notes/annotations to the previously published board pack, you should be aware that BoardPro is designed to ensure that the annotations follow through with the updates to the newer board pack without issues provided you follow the right steps.

Updating an existing Document/Attachment

  1. Open the agenda item and Identify the document you have to update

  2. On the agenda item, you can track all Previous Versions of the Agenda Document

  3. Do not delete the older document from the agenda item as this will remove any annotations

  4. In your computer repository make sure that the new version of the document has the exact same name as the one you have just identified on the agenda item.

  5. Attach the document This will automatically replace the existing copy of the document but keep the annotations

  6. Republish the board pack when you're ready

A new copy of the board pack will be made available to the members and all of their annotations made on the older board pack will flow through.

Adding a new Document/Attachment

  1. Open the agenda and go to the agenda item you have to attach the new document.

A new copy of the BoardPack will be made available to the members with all of their annotations. You can decide if you wish to re-email the board pack notice to the board of any changes.

If you have any questions you're welcome to send a message to support via the chat icon at the bottom right of this page.

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