Adding late documents to the Published Agenda

Adding or updating 'late' documents to the agenda after the board pack has been published

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Once you have published the agenda, there may be situations where you have to add a late document or add a new one to the agenda.

Please follow these steps to ensure any Board Member notes/annotations (if any are present) are preserved and carried over into the new version of the board pack.

Updating an existing Document

  1. From the Meeting Details page of your meeting click on 'Edit Agenda' and identify the agenda item with the document you want to update.

  2. Do not delete the supporting document from the agenda item as this will remove any annotations if any are present.

  3. Rather, you can upload and replace the document with a new version (ensuring the new version of the document has the same file name) which will automatically replace the existing copy with the new version of the document and preserve any annotations that are present.

  4. Republish the board pack when you are ready.

Adding a new Document

  1. Open the agenda and go to the agenda item you have to attach a new document.

  2. Attach the document to the agenda item using the click or drop area.

  3. Republish the Agenda on the Meeting page, look for the Agenda sub-menu in the top right and then click on 'Republish'.

Any new changes you have made including the updated document(s) will be incorporated into a new version of the board pack and all annotations present will automatically be carried over into a new version of the board pack.

You can email the board a new board pack notice and mention the changes you have made in the comments area.

If you have any questions on this you are welcome to contact us in the live chat.

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