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Attach documents to the agenda

How to upload documents to the agenda from your computer

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Papers for the upcoming board meeting are attached directly to the agenda item they relate to.  

Go to the agenda detail page for your meeting and click on the agenda item you want to load papers against.

Supporting Documents can be uploaded from your computer via click or drop. 

The documents will be listed in order of being uploaded to the agenda page. 

  • The order they are listed is also the order they will appear in the agenda and in the board pack.

  • you can change the order by dragging the documents to the right order

From the context menu (3 Dots on the end):

  1. Download the document

  2. See any previous copies of documents and when they were uploaded

  3. Change the order of documents by clicking on the move up or move down

  4. Delete a document (Note: if anyone has made any annotations on this document a warning pop-up will appear that the annotations on this document will also be deleted)

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