Infrastructure security:

BoardPro is a cloud based Software as a Service application hosted in MS Azure's world class Australian data centres.  We have geo-redundant replication between the Sydney and Melbourne data centres, providing a high degree of reliability and redundancy.

Data in transit:

All data transferred between client's device and BoardPro is encrypted over 256bit SSL encryption.  

Access to an organisation in BoardPro:

Access to BoardPro requires both a current authenticated session and valid authorisation to access each organisation.

Role Based Access Control:

Within each organisation, users are assigned an access level for each organisation they are a member of.  

We are using Microsoft Azure App Services, Cloud Services, Blob and Queue Storage, and SQL Server. These services are hosted by Azure and benefit from automatic updates and security patches that are applied regularly by Azure itself.

Documents stored in BoardPro:

Please refer to our document security article. 

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