MFA is a security method that requires 2 or more factors to verify your identity. Essentially, proving you are who you say you are!

This is important for organisations who want increased security on access to their governance information.

Turn on MFA:

Click your user icon at the top right and navigate to My Account > My Settings

Under the section Multi-Factor Authentication, click the grey toggle to turn on MFA.

Once enabled, toggle will turn green and the label “Active” will appear next to the section heading Multi-Factor Authentication.

To login now that you've enabled MFA:

With MFA enabled, you will be sent a unique time-based verification code via email each time you log in. You will be asked to enter this code before access is granted.

This is important because even if someone managed to get your BoardPro password, they wouldn't be able to login without the code from your email.

Here is an example of the email you'll receive with your verification code:

See who else has turned on MFA:

The People page will display an MFA label against each user in your organisation who has turned on MFA.

Turn off MFA:

MFA can be disabled at any time by returning to the My Settings menu and switching off the toggle you used to turn on MFA.

What about authenticator apps for verification?

We are actively working on providing verification by authenticator apps. It will be available very soon.

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