Hi!  Great to have you on a free trial with BoardPro. 

Here are a few recommend steps to get you underway as soon as possible.  


On this page shows the last meeting, the next meeting and any Action items that belong to you.  (We have added in some demo info to assist you.)

Adding People

The first thing we recommend is that you add in some people as that will help everything else make more sense as you go along. 

To do so, on the top bar, click on People --> People List --> + New Person

Learn more about how to Add People

Add a Meeting
Next, let's add a Meeting.  

On the top menu, click on Home. 

The click on the green + Add Meeting button. 

Give your meeting a date, start time, and add a location.    

I recommend using your LAST meeting as a good starting point so that you can see how BoardPro manages the Meeting, Attendees, Agenda, Minutes, etc. 

Build an Agenda

The Meeting Page
After adding the Meeting, you arrive on the "Meeting Page", which you can learn more about here:  The Meeting Page 

Build Agenda
Look for the green "Build Agenda" button in the top left, and when prompted, choose "Best Practice Template".  

Edit the Agenda

Once you have made your selection the agenda will open. On the left-hand side are the agenda items and on the right-hand side is the detail of that agenda item. 

When you click on an Agenda Item the corresponding card opens on the right. Add a title, a purpose, a presenter and set the estimated time this agenda item will need.
You can also Edit the agenda to suit the organisational needs.

Before publishing you have the options to preview, download or send an Email notification of the draft agenda for approval or collaboration. When it is ready, email out the agenda to the board members.

Publishing the Agenda and the Board Pack

When your agenda has been published, BoardPro automatically creates your Board Pack for you. As with the agenda you have the options to preview, download or Email the Board Pack to the Board members.

If you realize that you need to make any additional changes to the agenda, not to worry as you can still Edit a Published Agenda and then republish it again. This will create a new board pack which you can then choose to email out again to members or not.

The Minutes Stage

From the published agenda you can go onto:

  1. Draft Minutes -where you can Take Minutes 
  2. Minutes in Review -After you have Finished your Minutes you can move onto doing the Post Meeting Tasks. Note: you can still Edit Minutes during this stage
  3. Confirming Minutes -set the date at a future meeting when the minutes will be confirmed. Once the minutes are confirmed you cannot reverse them.

For more information on any of these steps please see our articles found in the Help Centre (located under your Personal Menu) or sign up for one of our Live Training Webinars.

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