Occasionally we need to delete a meeting for various reasons even after notifications have been emailed out.

In BoardPro, if you need to delete a meeting there is the option to send an email notification that the meeting has been cancelled.

  1. Once you click on Delete a Meeting a pop up box opens. (In the box is a list if notices have been sent and if there are any agenda documents that will also be deleted).
  2. Tick the Send a cancellation notice box (NOTE: if you do not tick this box then the notice will not be emailed out --> click on delete to immediately remove the meeting with no further steps)
  3. Click Proceed (blue button)
  4. In the new pop up box select whom you wish the notice of cancellation to be emailed to --> in the note field you can add any pertinent text you need.
  5. Click Delete and Notify (red button)

CAUTION: Deleting a meeting is permanent and cannot be reversed.

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