In BoardPro it is possible to send a Meeting Notice at anytime it may be required, such as when the start time, the location of the Meeting may have changed or to advise of an upcoming meeting. 

Here's how to send one:

1. When adding a Meeting.

2. From the Meeting Details page, look for the Notice button on the top right.

A pop op box will open where you can:

  1. Select whom you send out the email too via the drop down menu. By default BoardPro automatically selects everyone on your Board. You can customize this list to deselect members and add others listed from on the organisation's People List page.
  2. Personalize your greeting. Default greeting is "Hi" but you can type in your own greeting and Select if you want First Name, Last name and any titles or suffixes with the name.
  3. Any comments/notes that you may find pertinent for the email
  4. Tells you if and when the notice was sent and by whom
  5. Click the blue Send.


  • A notice cannot be sent for meetings in the past.
  • BoardPro will automatically send reminders of the meeting to all attendees 3 days and 1 day before the meeting.
  • If the notice has already been sent out a note will be added at the bottom of the pop up box stating when it was sent and by whom. You can then decide to resend if needed.

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