Occasionally we need to delete a meeting for various reasons even after notifications have been emailed out. In BoardPro, if you need to delete a meeting, there is an option to send an email notification that the meeting has been cancelled.

On the Meeting Details Page from the Context menu select Delete a Meeting. A pop up box will open with a list of what (if any) will be deleted (ie. emails, documents, Board Pack or any annotations)

  1. Tick the Send a cancellation notice box (Note: if you do not tick this box and still click delete, the meeting will be deleted but no notification will be emailed out)
  2. Click Proceed (blue button)

A "Send a Cancellation Notice" will open. In this box you can:

  1. Select the names of whom you wish to send the notice to from the drop down list
  2. Choose your greeting and Select if you want First Name, Last name and any titles or suffixes with the name
  3. Any comments/notes that you may find pertinent for the email
  4. Select Delete and Notify

CAUTION: Deleting a meeting is permanent and cannot be reversed.

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