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Delete a Meeting

How to delete a Meeting

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To delete a Meeting

  1. Open/click on the meeting that you wish to permanently delete

  2. Click on the context menu (3 dots) on the top right

  3. Click on delete 

A confirmation box will open listing what will be also affected when this meeting is deleted  

  1. Type Delete into the field

  2. Click on the red delete button or you can cancel.

Note: All documents -if any, (including the Board Pack and minutes) recorded during this meeting will also be deleted.

CAUTION: Deleting a meeting is permanent and cannot be reversed. 

Note: IF you have sent out email notifications of this meeting, there will also be a prompt asking if you wish to send out a Cancellation Notice. Tick the box and follow "Proceed" to take you to the steps to send out this email.

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