Once the Draft Minutes have been completed and moved onto Minutes in Review, you can email out the Action Items from the Post Meeting Task box.

When the Post-Meeting Tasks box opens after finishing your Draft Minutes -select "I'll do these now" and click on "Action Items". 

Or if you have postponed sending out the reminders until a later date you can still do so from the Minutes in Review page: go to the Minutes menu and select Tasks.

A list of all Action Items raised in this meeting are shown (unless the status of that Action Item has already been changed to Done).

  • by default all Actions are ticked however: you can choose whom you wish to send a reminder to by ticking or un-ticking the box next to their name

  • A green tick will confirm when the Action Item Notices have been sent. 

  • An automated message will be shown underneath of when the last time the actions were sent out.

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