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What is and where do I find the Interests Register in BoardPro?

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A Register of Interests is a record kept, usually by a governing body, of actual, potential or perceived conflicts or interests of its members which may potentially unethically or unlawfully influence members' official duties.

The Interest Register is also known as a Declaration of Interests or a Register of Interests depending upon your country.

You will find the Interests Register under People on the navigation bar.

On the Interests Register page you will be able to:

  1. Select from the list the ability to view all interests or a specific individual's interest

  2. See Current Interests and Past Interests 

  3. Edit, Close or delete any Interests  Note: If you delete an interest, it will be removed from your records. But if you close an interest, it remains on your records under the Past Interests- which fulfills a requirement of the Companies Act to retain your interests for a number of years.

    • You would really only delete a mistake or duplicate entry for best practice

  4. Download the current interests onto a PDF.  Note: depending upon if you have selected All or an individual this will be reflected on the download. 

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