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How to make Changes to the Agenda and Republishing the Board Pack

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After an Agenda has been published, it is still possible to make changes to the Agenda and then republish it.

From the Meeting Details page click on Edit Agenda

This opens the Agenda where you can:

  • Add or delete documents

  • Add new sections or agenda items

  • Edit existing agenda items

  • Move around agenda items/ sections -when this happens resequencing of the agenda items is automatic

  • Delete any agenda items and sections

When you make any changes to a published agenda, it will not be available in BoardPro Notes until the board pack is rebuilt.

  • BoardPro will track the changes since it was last published via the Agenda Change Log, so that you can decide when (or if) republishing is necessary. 

  • If you do not rebuild then the original board pack is still in "play" however if you decide to rebuild the old board pack will be deleted and a new version will be created.

After republishing you can choose to send a notice to your board that it has been updated.

Auto-Republishing of the Board Pack

The board pack with automatically republish when:

  1. When there are some changes on a published agenda that are not republished. BoardPro trigger auto republish after 30 minutes of the last change

  2. If there is a board pack failure

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