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Add your own Logo and icon to brand the generated documents

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Upload your organisation's logo to be displayed on the Agendas, Minutes and Board Packs.

Chairs, Admins and Board Secretaires can do this via Organisation on the top navigation bar and then click on General.

  1. Logo - upload your logo to add it to all PDF's that BoardPro generates for you: e.g. Agendas, Board Packs, Minutes, etc.

  2. Icon - you can also upload an alternatively smaller icon which is used in BoardPro on the My BoardPro page beside each meeting.  

Logo FAQ's 

What are the technical specs of a logo that can be uploaded? 

  • Maximum file size is 1MB

  • Allowed types are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

How do I delete the current logo?  
To delete the logo or icon click on the trash can on the top right. 

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