Smart Agenda Item: Action Item List

The Action Item List is a reminder of who will do what by when as requested by the board

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BoardPro has a Smart Agenda Item called the Action Item List which allows the board to follow up on Actions assigned in previous meetings. 

How to select Actions for the Meeting: 

When the Meeting status is "Draft Agenda" stage -click on the "Action Item List" Agenda Item and select the Actions to Review

Note the three blue selection boxes above the list of Actions - these give the ability to pick and choose the types of Actions that the board wishes to review.

  1. Overdue Actions - if ticked, this will include any Actions that are past their due date

  2. Actions completed since... - BoardPro will automatically select the date of the last meeting that reviewed Actions, but you can change that to any other date

  3. Actions due before...  - BoardPro will automatically select the furthermost Action for you, but you can change that if you have a lot of future actions that the board do not wish to review until closer to the due date.

What happens next?
When the Board Pack for this meeting is built, it will automatically include these Actions in the Board Pack 

Can I pick and choose Actions to include?
No, BoardPro does not permit certain Actions to be excluded from meetings. 

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