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How to vote in BoardPro

How do I cast my vote during a meeting?

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Voting is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to Vote.

Once a vote is Open (during the Draft Minutes) stage it is time to cast your vote.

You will find a list of Votes in the Vote section at the bottom of the Meeting page:

From here you can see all the votes for the meeting, which ones are completed, and when it is time to cast your vote you simply click the "Cast your Vote" button.

Is my name recorded with my vote?
BoardPro supports both Open/Transparent voting (where your name is recorded with your vote) and Closed/Anonymous voting where only the sum total of votes is shown.

  • By default, it is an open vote, but this setting can be changed when the vote is first set up by the administrator via the "Vote Results" setting. At the top of the Vote box you will see if it is being recorded anonymously.

  • if the vote is open along with your name being recorded you can also choose to leave a comment as to the reason you chose to vote this way on the motion

Note: Your vote cannot be edited

Unable to Cast Your Vote

If you are unable to vote during the meeting (for example you do not have access to your laptop or a mobile device), you can request for the Minute Taker to assist you with your vote and if you choose add a comment as to the reason you voted this way.

  • they will vote for you as you have directed and if an open vote will add any comment that you direct them to on why you voted this way

  • they can only vote for you once.

  • you will receive an email confirmation when they have voted

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