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FAQ's on Voting

Common questions about Voting in BoardPro

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Voting is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to Vote.

Can the vote be opened early before the meeting starts?

Yes, you can set your meeting to Draft Minutes to open up the vote for Board Members before the meeting begins. However, if you need to make a decision between meetings you may wish to use our Flying Minutes feature.

Can I change my vote once I have voted?

No, so please vote carefully.

Can I leave a comment as to why I chose to vote this way?

Yes, you can if the vote is an open vote.

What happens if I cannot cast my vote?

On the day of the meeting, if you are unable to cast your vote, you can request for the Minute taker to assist you with your vote. Once they have entered your vote per your direction, you will receive an email confirmation of your vote.

  • They can also leave a comment on your behalf of why you chose to vote this way for the motion if you have provided it.

I have Board Members who are not voting on a motion for a variety of reasons. How can I address this?

By default, unless someone expressly votes against a matter, they are deemed to have supported the vote. If this does not align with your constitution, change the setting to not count the vote.

Can I close the vote early, even if not everyone has voted?

Yes, although not good practice, a vote can be closed early -please check your constitution.

  • Depending upon your organisation's settings for Handling Non-Voters, Board Members may or may not be listed as having supported the motion.

  • Under See Details, you will see the names of those who did not vote -if you have the Handling of Non-Votes tagged as Do not count their votes.

Can the vote be re-opened?

Yes, a vote may be re-opened while still in the Draft Minutes Stage. For example, if closed before everyone has voted. Those who have already voted cannot change their vote.

What Happens if I click on the Show Vote Results during the Meeting?

If you tick or un-tick the box during a vote and votes have been cast, a warning box will open stating that changing the setting will reset the entire vote and everyone will have to vote again.

  • This is not best practice as a vote cast is a vote cast however, if your board (and your constitution) agrees to re-cast the vote then this can be an option.

We clicked on Close Voting and a Quorum Alert came up. What do we do now?

Depending upon your Quorum settings for your organisation, you may see an alert come up when you close the vote if there are not enough supporting votes.

Options are to tick Approved or Not Approved and proceed as usual or to cancel and go back and add voters from your Board Member list.

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