Once a vote has been officially opened during the Draft Minutes stage it is time to cast your vote and monitor the voting of others.

Key Features on this page:

  1. Show Vote Results: if, for any reason, a change is required to the Show Vote Results, this can be done during the meeting but if any votes have already been cast you will receive a warning that changing the setting will reset the entire vote and everyone will have to vote again.
  2. Cast Your Vote Button: if, the Minute Taker is also a voter, they will see the Cast Your vote button. If not voting they will not see the button
  3. Refresh: Keep track of how the voting is going by refreshing your page.
  4. Assist Voters: For those not able to cast their own votes they can be assisted. When the minute taker enters a vote on someone's behalf, the person who is being helped will receive an email confirming the vote cast for them.
  5. Close the Vote: once all votes have been entered select the outcome of the vote. BoardPro will automatically generate a Decision Minute with a list of vote. When the vote is closed no further edits are possible.

Note: As Minute Taker, if you are sharing your screen during the minutes and you are voting, everyone will be able to see how you vote regardless if you have the Show Vote Results turned on or off.

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