Voting is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to Vote.

Chairs, Admins and Board Secretaries can edit the vote settings via the Organisation Page --> Quorum & Participation --> Voting

1. Vote Outcome

  • choose to manually set each vote outcome

  • allow BoardPro to automatically calculate the vote for you (depending upon the percentage of participating board members who support it -this is based upon your Quorum). If turned on, BoardPro will automatically calculate the outcome of the vote when it is closed.

2. Handling Non-Votes (Abstentions, Non Votes and Casting Votes)

  • Count their vote as Supporting the Motion

  • Do not count their votes (if they didn't vote it is not counted)

If there are too many abstentions, or not enough people voting then BoardPro will alert the minute taker.

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