To edit the vote settings go to Organisation Settings --> Automation and click on Voting Automation.

From here Chairs, Admins and Board Secretaries can select:

  1. if you will manually set each vote outcome or
  2. allow BoardPro to automatically calculate the vote for you (depending upon the percentage of participating board members who support it -this is based upon your Quorum).

If turned on, BoardPro will automatically calculate the outcome of the vote when it is closed.

Notes on Abstentions, Non-Votes and Casting Votes:

  1. Abstentions are not counted in the total number of votes. If too many people abstain, it can affect the quorum required for a vote to be successful.
  2. Unless someone expressly votes against a matter, they are deemed to have supported the vote
  3. In the event of a tie, the chair does not have a casting vote

It is possible in certain situations that abstentions may reduce the number of participating board members so low that a quorum is no longer met.

If this occurs BoardPro will alert the minute taker.

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