Finding my own Actions

Where to find your own Action Item List and how to print it out

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Within an Organisation

To keep track of your own Action Items from within an organisation:

  • Go to the Action List found under Meetings on the Navigation Bar and under Owner on the top left click on the drop-down arrow. 

From the list you can either:

  1. Type your name into the field or 

  2. Scroll to find your name.

Next to your name will be the number of current Actions that are assigned to you. 

Click on your name, the list of actions assigned to you will be listed on the screen. From here you can:

  1. See a description of the action

  2. The meeting where the action was assigned

  3. The Due Date

  4. Update the Status (Not Started, In Progress, On Hold and Completed

  5. Admins, Chairs, Board Secretaries and can edit an action via the context menu (3 dots). For more information please see How to update an Action

Multiple Organisations:
If you are listed on multiple boards you will find a list of all actions assigned to you from each organisation on your Home Page. Which you can find under your name on the top right -My Home.

  • next to My Actions will be a number in red of all current actions assigned to you

  • you can update the status of these Actions from this page

To Download** your actions:

If you would like to download and print out the list of current actions, click on the download button and then the print option on the PDF.

  • at this time to download a list of your actions you would need to go into each individual organisation and proceed as above.

** Note: Depending upon your Board's Constitution the setting for Downloading and Printing may be turned off. If you are unable to download or Print please check with your Administrator and or Chair. The toggle to enable or disable this setting is found under Organisation --> General Settings.

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