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How to add your existing Action list into BoardPro

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If you are a new organisation using BoardPro, you may have an existing list of actions that you would like to load into your account. Follow these steps to import your action list into BoardPro, and assign each action to an owner.

Create a meeting with a past date - title the meeting 'Action Item Import'.

Remove all the agenda items except for one standard agenda item. Name this agenda item 'Actions imported from previous meetings'. 

Then, advance this meeting to the 'Draft Minutes' stage. (to do that, click on 'Publish Agenda' then 'Take Minutes')

Enter all your actions one by one by using the green 'Action' minutes tool.

When you enter each action, add a title, assign an owner, due date and a description.
(Please see Adding Action Items during a Meeting for more information).

Leave the meeting in 'Draft Minutes' stage (as these do not need to be confirmed at a future meeting).

The next time that you build an agenda and use BoardPro's Smart Agenda Item: Action Item List outstanding actions will appear in your agenda / board pack for review at your next meeting.

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