BoardPro, at this moment, does not have a way to import actions from meetings that were created before or outside of BoardPro, but there is a work around.

What to do:
Create a meeting dated earlier in the year -Call it 'Action Item Import' meeting

Remove all the agenda items (including the Smart Agenda Items) except for 1, and call it  'Actions Imported from Previous Meetings'. 

Advance the meeting to the 'Draft Minutes' stage.
Enter in all previous actions one by one by using the "Action' minutes tool.

Add a title, assign an owner, due date and a description.
(Please see Adding Action Items during a Meeting for more information).

Leave the meeting in 'Draft Minutes' stage (these do not need to be confirmed).

The next time that you build an agenda and use BoardPro's Smart Agenda Item: Action Item List they will be imported into your Agenda/BoardPack.

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