Committees that have been added to your organisation can be found under the Main Board on the top Left of your home screen.

To add people into your committee - open the People List page of the Committee.

Click on "Import People" located at the top of the list, beside Add People.  

A pop up box will open with the names of people listed on your main board, who have not yet been added into your committee.

  1. Scroll through the list and tick the names of those you wish to add

  2. Tick the box to copy their interests over from the main board

From there you can edit their status and role within the committee and send an invitation for them to join.  


Why can't I see the Import People option?
This feature is only available to those with the access level of Administrator, Committee Secretary or Committee Chair.

What access level do people have on the Committee?
When someone is first imported, their access level will be the same as their board account access level, but we recommend you change it to suit what their role is on the Committee.  

Can someone have a different Access Level on the Committee than on the Board?
Yes, access levels for committees are independent of the access level for the board.  So someone may be Chair of the board, but not the committee.  We recommend you adjust the access levels of the committee to reflect each person's role "as per the committee". 

Why can't the Committee Members see the Committee?
People cannot see the committee until you are ready to give them access to it.  When first added in, each person will have "No Access".  To grant them access simply click on their name and "Invite".  

If they already have access to BoardPro, they will receive an email letting them know they can now access the committee. 

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