Edit a Between Meeting Report
How to make changes to and resend a meeting report between meetings
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On the Between Meetings Report page, if you need to make any changes to a report, re-email it out, or remove a report it is quite easy to do.

Click on the report to open (this is also true for Draft Reports)

When it opens you can:

  • Send/Resend an email notification of the report

  • Update the date and/or owner of the report

  • Add any additional text/information

  • Upload any new documents

  • Current documents (View, Download, Previous Versions or Delete)

  • Add a comment (Admins, Chairs and Board Secretaries can also delete comments from anyone by clicking on the context menu -3 dots, next to the comment)

Click on the context menu to:

  • see Email History

  • Lock or unlock a Report

  • The report can be "locked" so that no further edits or comments can be added/done and unlocked at any time to make edits or email out again.

Click on Delete to remove a report. Note: You must type in "Delete" into the field for it to be removed

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