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How to send the board a report when there isn't a meeting

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The Between Meeting Reports is for any report you need to distribute to the board outside of a meeting. These could include:

  • if there is a month without a board meeting and the board still needs to receive a business update.

  • Another example is crisis reporting -your board might have requested weekly updates.

Those with Chair, Administrator, Board Secretary and Senior Executive roles can add and edit Between Meeting Reports.

Adding a report:

Click on the green + Add button and select Report

  1. Add a title

  2. Select the report date and the owner

  3. Tick the box next to the names of those to whom an email notification will be sent to. Just like the board pack, they will receive a secure link to log in and read the paper online.

  4. Add a greeting and how you would like their name to appear in the notification

  5. Add a summary or additional information

  6. Attach supporting documents (Reminder if you select from Governance Documents -any documents in a restricted/confidential folder cannot be added)

  7. Save it as a Draft, email out the notification or delete it.


Only People who have login access can be notified of the report. If their status says Invitation Pending or No Access there will be an asterisk next to their name which denotes that email notification cannot be sent to them.

If you select Draft, people will not be able to see the report until it is ready

  • to move it out of Draft, click on the report to open and then Send Report

Once a person has opened the document their avatar or initials will appear next to it. As well as there is a place to add comments underneath the attached documents.

Click on the context menu (3 dots) on the top right to:

  • Review the email history

  • Lock the Report -so that no further edits or comments can be added

  • Delete the report

Between Meeting Reports is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to see Flying Minutes. If you would like more information about this feature please contact support

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