Flying Minutes is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to see Flying Minutes

The first part of the Flying Minute is the Discussion.

This is the stage before the voting starts and the amount of time for discussion can vary and this is set by the Host when the Flying Minute is open

  • only the Chair, Administrator, Board Secretary or Senior Executive can be a host

  • if the discussion ends early the vote can be opened sooner by the Host

Two ways to find a Flying Minute:

Email: In the email that is received, you can click directly onto the blue button to open up the Flying Minute. Note: if you are not currently logged into BoardPro first you will be directed to the login page

  • if you do not have login access to BoardPro you will not receive an email notification. You will need to accept the invitation from BoardPro that your Administrator can send to you.

Between Meetings Page: under Meetings on the main navigation tab

The Flying Minute has a Vote icon before it and to open it up click on the title.

Things to note on this page:

  1. Number of attachments and comments

  2. Stage the Flying Minute is in

  3. A countdown timer for when the vote is open

  4. The motion

  5. Any attached documents

  6. Add a comment and read others for the discussion

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