Changing the Date and/or Time of a Meeting

If the date or time of your meeting changes, it is very easy to update it in BoardPro

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On the Meeting Details page, an Administrator, Board Secretary, Chair and Senior Executive can change the date or time of a meeting, whether in the future or the past, as long as the Minutes have not been confirmed.

To change the Date:  

  • Click on the calendar icon to change the date (Note you can use arrows to move the month forward or backward or click on the year to change the year).

To change the Time:

  • Click on the hour or minutes to change 

  • Type in the new time (note time can only be 1-12 for hours). Click the tick to save the change

  • To update the am/pm click on it

FAQ's on Changing the Meeting Date or Time

Can I change the date/time even if we missed the meeting date and it is in the past?
Yes, you can change the date or time until the minutes are confirmed 

Can I change the date/time before I create the Agenda?
Yes. Follow the steps up above -when ready create your agenda.

If I change the meeting date or time, will the attendees get automatically notified and will it update their calendar?

No, you will need to take these steps to update a calendar and inform your board of the date/time change.

  1. On the Meeting Details page change the date/time

  2. If the Board Pack has been published -republish it

  3. Re-send a Meeting Notice - remember that you add a personal note detailing why the change or any other pertinent information in that email notice.

When your Board receives the new notice their calendar:

  • Gmail will automatically be updated.

  • Outlook you will need to "re-add" to your calendar to overwrite the old date/time

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