What if I can't see the Confirm Minutes agenda item?
If the Confirm Minutes agenda item isn't in your agenda, it is easy to add.  
See Add a Smart Agenda Item

How do I remove Minutes from the Minutes to be Confirmed list?
To remove a set of Minutes, simply click on the context menu (three dots) for that set of Minutes, and then Remove.

My Confirm Minutes agenda item doesn't look like this one?

If your Confirm Minutes agenda item doesn't look like this it could be your agenda has a "generic" agenda item called "Confirm Minutes", but only the Smart Agenda item "Confirm Minutes" will save you time by automatically loading the last set of Minutes into the board pack. 

I can't see any meetings, or a specific meeting, in the list of Available Minutes
If your list of Available Minutes is empty, or missing a specific meeting, here is what to do about it: 

  1. Ensure the source meeting is in the Minutes in Review stage.  If it says Draft Minutes, click on Finish Draft Minutes 
  2. If that meeting is already in Minutes in Review, check that it is NOT already scheduled to be confirmed at another meeting.  

To check that, on the Meeting page it will either show the date it is scheduled to be confirmed on:

or a button to set the confirming meeting.

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