When taking the Minutes of the meeting, BoardPro's smart Confirm Minutes agenda item will allow you to confirm the Minutes of previous meetings(s).

When the agenda was drafted, the Minutes of previous meetings will already have been selected, so here is how to actually confirm them:   

On the smart Confirm Minutes agenda item, click on the blue Confirm button 

A pop up box will give the options to:

  1. Confirm as Presented

  2. Confirm with the following changes (with a text box to enter changes)

If there are minutes on your list that you would like to postpone for another day, you have the option to remove them.
Click on the context menu (3 dots) and then remove.  This will move the minutes back into the Available Minutes to be confirmed list which is available under the show/hide button.

WARNING:  This confirmation is final and will close the Minutes of this meeting

If your board likes the original Minutes to be corrected, add any changes first as a note, then go and correct the original Minutes, then Confirm and Close the Minutes.

What happens when I click Confirm and Close? 

  1. The source meeting is updated to Closed

  2. The confirmation is recorded in the Minutes of this meeting and also in the final Minutes of the source meeting 

What happens if I don't click on Confirm?
If you forget to click confirm and move the meeting onto the Minutes in Review stage a pop up box will open with a reminder:

  1. Postpone for another meeting (will move the minutes back to the Available Minutes List)

  2. Fix Now (Re-opens the Confirm Minutes Agenda Item)

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