If you have built an agenda and cloned the wrong meeting, you can rebuild the agenda as long as it is in the Draft Agenda stage.

On the Meeting Page, under Agenda click on Rebuild Agenda.

In the pop up box that opens you can choose to select:

  1.  Best Practice Template
  2. Clone an Agenda from a previous meeting

Things to Note:

  • Any documents that were uploaded to the agenda prior to being rebuilt will be removed. (exception being for the Smart Agenda Items: Confirmed Minutes, Interest Register and Action Item List unless they are not listed on the cloned agenda)
  • You cannot rebuild an agenda once it has been published. The only option if you need to make changes is to Edit a Published Agenda or Delete the Meeting


  • I have published the Agenda - can I still rebuild it?   Unfortunately not - published agendas cannot be rebuilt.  You will need to Delete the meeting or edit the Agenda

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