FAQs on People in BoardPro

Common questions related to adding people into BoardPro

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I have invited a director - how do I know if they have accepted it or not?
On the People page in BoardPro you are able to see who has login access to BoardPro (which means they have accepted the invitation and completed their registration process) - and those who do not have access.

How do I help a director who has forgotten his password?
On the main login page (https://app.boardpro.io) is a prompt for those who have forgotten their password.  They simply enter in their email address, and a reset token will be sent to them.  Here is a guide on on How to reset your forgotten password

How do I change the name of a director?
There are two ways a person's name can be updated.

  1. On the People Page, an Administrator, Board Secretary or Chair can click on the person's name and in the pop up box make the changes.

  2. An individual can change their own details in BoardPro by clicking on "My Account" which is available under their name on the top right.

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